Terms & Conditions

       Who we are:
Welcome to Dealsouk.pk. It is the perfect portal for you to get the latest and the branded goods available here at much lower prices compared to others available in the market. Dealsouk.pk is basically a family which works online and delivers great products and deals to the customers. We work here very hard to ensure, that we fulfill the demands of all the customers, including even the most demanding customers. We try our level best to satisfy your needs and wants, and deliver you the best products across Pakistan. We have expertise and specialized workers in different departments that keep the level of our work and quality maintained throughout.
·        Payment Refund Policy:
Dealsouk.pk offers a time period of 7 days refunding policy of the payment. This is offered to certain customers, those who get faulty goods or not as per standards by any means. Therefore to keep our customers satisfied and built healthy relations with our customers, we offer this service to them. But it has some of its terms and conditions, payment would only be refunded if the product returned to us is in its original conditions, it not used or damaged by the customers. If the customers are fulfilling the above mentioned requirements, than only the customers are obliged to this Payment Refund Policy within the valid time period offered to customers of seven days.
·        Return, Refund & Replacement Policy:
This service is provided rarely to customers who are fulfilling the requirements of the organizations. If the company feel the customers are obliged to this policy than only the orders can be returned, refunded or replaced each of them has their own term & conditions that are mentioned separately below.
1.      Orders Return policy basically offers the customers to return the goods, if they are not satisfied by the product by any means within 1 to 2 days. If the company feels the customer’s is appealing on a genuine cause to return the good. Then we will surely keep our customers in consideration and try to accept sales return.
2.      Refund Policy allows the customers to claim if by any means the product is damaged, or not delivered up to the standards, or in any case if there is mishap from company’s end. Than in that case the goods can be refunded within 7 days to time period, and the company will pay back the amount received from the customers. But if the customer fails to appeal for refund policy within the limited time, than no refund would be made by the company.
3.      Replacement policy allows the customers to replace the good within 7 days of time period offered by the organization. This condition only applies in case the goods delivered to customers are faulty, not up to standards or any issue in which the company find itself guilty. Therefore in that case the company offers this policy to its customers, and replaces the good offering another one of the same category in excellent conditions.
·        Copyright Content Policy:
The content published on our Website is Copyrighted content and we have full control and authority over. We have all the rights over our content and whatever we publish, and it is strictly restrained for any individuals or any organizations to copy our content, domain, logo or anything regarding our business, strict actions can be taken and we can claim for our rights. Any other business willing to promote or advertise content on our Website must take proper permissions and agree to our rules and regulations.
·        Member Registration:
Members Registered on Dealsouk.pk are eligible for certain rights such as some discount offers are likely to hit the registered customers first. New deals and products available would be sent to them through emails.
·        Discount Policy:
Discounts are given on some terms and condition by us, for a specific and valid time period. Discount offers provided by us to the customers are mainly of two types. First one is Product Discount that is offered to every customer who visits our Site. Our Products are available mostly at discounted price compared to others and list price of the product. Second discount offer is given on Deals or in form of Coupons to our Dear customers. Customers can be chosen from Daily buyers or best buyers for a certain period of time. But no matter whatever form, discount is offered to a customer that would only be valid for a specific period of time, to utilize that discount offer.
·        Third-Party Content:
Third party content includes all the irrelevant content that is posted on our Web pages, Reviews, Blogs, or anywhere on our Website that is not posted by us. This is the content posted by third-party and the company is not responsible for it.
·        Services & Quality:
Dealsouk.pk offers a huge number of products to customers with discounted price. Perfectly categorized and organized site allows you have a rich experience of Online Shopping with utmost comfort. We offer you services like, Free and Efficient Delivery, 100% genuine products, Easy Payment Options, Returning Facility, Secure Checkout and much more. These are main reasons why customers keep coming back to Dealsouk for more. We treat our customers with special care, respect their opinions and try our level best to serve our customers with the best product and Prices.