Personal Information of a user is collected by us at two stages. Firstly, information regarding your email address, contact number, residential address etc, is collected at the time when the buyer places an order. Secondly, information regarding Full name, email address, etc, is collected by us at the time when a customer sign ups and makes an account at Dealsouk. All the information collected by the organization is safely used for the promotion of its good and services and is fully secured.
·        Non-personal Information:
Non-Personal Information is the indirect information that is collected by Dealsouk without the knowledge of the customers. Every customer that visits our site gives us the information regarding IP address, information of its browser, geographical information that includes the place and region from where the user is logged in from. All this information is safely protected by us and is remains with us, no 3rd party is involved in it.
·        How we utilize your information:
We utilize your information in a very positive ways, to help our customers get informed of our latest discount offers, deals, services, new products, etc. It helps us to reach our targeted customers and helps us in our advertisement and promotional services. But this process remains limited between us and the customer, no information is shared to any 3rd party for advertisement purpose. Customers get emailed by our team, and if they don’t want to see it, they can easily unsubscribe from it.
·        Cookies:
We get the information of your browser cookies that help us to reach our targeted customers. All the information of our beloved customers remains secure with us, and helps us build healthy trade relation with our customers.
·        Website Security: is genuinely an authentic and secure site, it is AlphaSSL Certified, and this certificate clearly indicates that this site is 100% secured. All the information sent to this site is encrypted, protected from interception by unintended recipients. Therefore visitor can submit their sensitive details such as credit cars details and personal information with complete satisfaction and assurance that all transactions are secured and tamper-proof.